South Africa Crime Quarterly (SACQ)

Since June 2016 the Centre of Criminology at the University of Cape Town has been the proud co-custodian of  South African Crime Quarterly (SACQ), together with the Institute for Security Studies (ISS). Access the latest issue of the journal here.

South African Crime Quarterly, first published in 1997, is an accredited inter-disciplinary peer-reviewed journal that promotes professional discourse and the publication of research on the subjects of crime, criminal justice, crime prevention, and related matters including state and non-state responses to crime and violence. South Africa is the primary focus for the journal but articles on the above-mentioned subjects that reflect research and analysis from other African countries are considered for publication, if they are of relevance to South Africa.

SACQ's target audience includes policy makers, criminal justice practitioners, civil society researchers and academics. The journal aims to inform and influence policy making on violence prevention, crime reduction and criminal justice. Articles submitted to SACQ are double-blind peer-reviewed before publication.

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