Centre of Criminology Publications

The Centre of Criminology faculty and students are publishing their research on cutting-edge topics of criminology, public law, citizen safety and security.

A major objective of the Centre is to promote and develop an African-led and owned scholarship and perspective of these issues, and their impact on individuals, citizenship, governance and development, and to project this into global discourse.  Centre of Criminology staff regularly partner with both PhD and Masters level students to further research agendas and develop joint publications, thereby promoting a future cadre of outstanding young researchers and academics.

Consequently, the Centre of Criminology seeks to place articles in both national and international journals, both research and applied policy and research journals, in in a diverse range of fields including Criminology and Policing, African Studies journals, Political Affairs and journals of Law. 

Centre staff have edited and coordinated compilation volumes or special edition journals, and are regularly invited to contribute to the same.  We also encourage publications directed specifically at the policy or practitioner community.

Recent Publications

Berg, J. and Howell, S. (2015). ‘Running the Gauntlet: Police Strategies and Responses to Strike Action’. In Hepple, B., Le Roux, R. and S. Sciarra (eds) Laws Against Strikes: The South African Experience in an International and Comparative Perspective. (Rome: FrancoAngelli), pp. 185-204.

Berg, J. and Nakueira, S. (2015) Innovations in the Governance of Security: Lessons from the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.  In Albrecht, J., Dow, M., Plecas, D. and D. Das (eds) Policing Major Events: Perspectives from Around the World. (CRC Press), pp. 60-73.

Berg, J. with Shearing, C. (2015). ‘New Authorities: Relating State and Non-state Security Auspices in South African Improvement Districts’.  In Albrecht, P. and H. Kyed (eds) Policing and the Politics of Order-making. (Oxon and New York: Routledge), pp. 91-107.

Ellis, S. and Shaw, M. (October 2015). ‘Is organised crime African?’  African Affairs, Vol. 114 (457).

Howell, S. (August 2015). ‘“We have to start showing who is boss now’: Constructions of methamphetamine use and users in the South African media.” Crime, Media, Culture, 11 (2), pp. 137-156.

Howell, S. and Couzyn, K. (2015). ‘The South African National Drug Master Plan, 2013-2017: A critical review.’ South African Journal of Criminal Justice, 28 (1), pp. 1-24.

Howell, S. & Shearing, C. In Press. Prisons, Tourism and Symbolism: Reflections on Hope. In: The Palgrave Handbook of Prison Tourism. Palgrave Macmillan.

Shaw, M. (September 2015). ‘Drug trafficking in Guinea-Bissau 1998-2014: the evolution of an elite protection network,’ Journal for Modern African StudiesVol. 53 (3), pp. 339-364.

Shaw, M. and Mangan, F. (September 2015), ‘Enforcing our law when the state breaks down: the case of protection economies in Libya and their political consequences,’ Hague Journal for the Rule of Law, Vol. 7 (1), pp. 99-110.

Shaw, M. and Reitano, T. (October 2015). ‘Atlantic Currents and their Illicit Undertow: Fragile States and Transnational Security Implications’, Altantic Currents, German Marshall Fund.

Shaw, M. and Kemp, W. (2015). ‘Rethinking the multilateral response to organized crime,’ in edBassiouni, C. Globalization and its Impact on the Future of Human Rights and International Criminal Justice.

Shearing, C.  2015. 'Reflections on the Nature of Policing and its Development'. Police Practice & Research.


Berg, J., Kempa, M. and Shearing, C. Forthcoming.  Policing. Routledge.

Faull, A. (2015) ‘Fighting for respect’. In Beek, Göpfert, Owen & Steinberg’s (eds.) Rethinking Policing in Africa, Hurst. Forthcoming.

Holley, C. & Shearing, C. Eds. Forthcoming. Green Criminology and the Anthropocene. Series on Criminology at the Edge. Routledge.

Howell, S. and Marks, M. (2015). ‘Cops, drugs and interloping academics: An ethnographic justification for harm reduction-based programmes in South Africa.’ Police Practice and Research. Forthcoming.

Howell, S. and Marks, M. (2015). ‘Discounting the disparaged: Insights on the policing of the use and users of illegal substances in South Africa’. In G. Monaghan (ed) Blue Serge and Red Ribbons: Police Services and Harm Reduction – Law, Polices, and Practices from 14 English Speaking Countries. Forthcoming.

Shaw, M. and Haysom, S. (2015). ‘Organised crime in late apartheid and the transition to a new criminal order:  The rise and fall of the Johannesburg “bouncer mafia”’, Journal of Southern African Studies. Forthcoming.