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Clifford is a Professor and Senior Scholar, Law Faculty.

Prof. Clifford Shearing



Clifford is a Professor and Senior Scholar, Law Faculty, and Research Chair, Law and Climate Change, African Climate & Development Initiative (ACDI), University of Cape Town.

He also holds appointments at the Universities of Griffith, Montreal and New South Wales as well as at the Australian National University and the Durban University of Technology.   Clifford held the NRF Chair in Security and Justice, the Chair of Criminology and was the Director, Centre of Criminology, at the University of Cape Town, from 2006-2013. 

Research Interests:

A major focus of Clifford’s academic work has been on broadening the boundaries of criminology, with a primary focus on ‘security governance’.

His most recent work is focused on (in)security within the emerging Anthropocene epoch. This includes research on ‘electrical security’ and the role of ‘fulcrum institutions’ in responding to 21st Century harm landscapes. Throughout his career Clifford has been engaged in enhancing the safety of people lives through policy and practical engagements across the globe — particularly in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Jamaica, South Africa and the United Kingdom.



PBL5820F: Theories of Crime and Social Order

Recent Publications:


Shearing, C.  In Press. Reflections on the Nature of Policing and its Development. Police Practice & Research.

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Honig, M., Petersen, S., Shearing, C., Pintér, L. & Kotze, I. 2015. An investigation of the conditions under which farmers are likely to reshape their practices: Private land conservation in the Cape Winelands, South Africa, a case study.  Land Use Policy, 48: 389-400.

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Froestad, J., Grimwood, S., Herbstein, T. & Shearing, C. 2015. Policy Design and Nodal Governance: A Comparative Analysis of Determinants of Environmental Policy Change in a South African City. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research & Practice, 17(2): 174-191.