PhD Students

Anine Kriegler

Topic: A Radical Harm Reduction Approach to the Supply Chain of Illegal Drugs With a research background is in politics, economics, and corruption.

Anine’s research is focused on drugs, gender, and humane crime policy. Her PhD thesis aims to contribute to drug legalization debates and drug policy thinking more generally by exploring the usefulness of harm reduction principles and bottom-up goal identification and assessment in the multi-sectoral management of illicit markets and especially their externalities. Anine plans to continue a career in research in similar areas post acquiring her PhD from the University of Cape Town.

Carina Bruwer

Topic: Understanding and Responding to Maritime Trafficking off the East African Rim: Do the measures against piracy off the horn of Africa provide a model?

Carina’s research is focussed on trends in organised crime around the east coast of Africa, chosen based on a fascination with crime and love for the African continent. She plans to graduate in 2017, after which she hopes to work in prosecution or research and analysis.

Gráinne Perkins

Topic: ‘Lest we forget’: Trends in and Organisational Responses to the Murder of Police Officials in the Western Cape Province, South Africa (2002-2014)

With 15 years of professional experience in policing and criminology, Gráinne Perkins is currently pursuing a PhD at the Centre of Criminology, University of Cape Town. Her research deals with the homicide of police officers and how these killings influence the practices and actions of other officers. The research involves participant observation within the working units of the South African Police Service in some of Cape Town’s most violent townships. Gráinne has a Masters in Criminology from Queen’s University, Belfast and a MPA from the University of Ulster. She holds the rank of Detective Sergeant in An Garda Síochána (Irish Police Service) and is a recipient of the Commissioner’s Medal.

Luke Skywalker

Topic: Rise of the Violent Entrepreneur: A study in illegal protection contracts in a post-1994 Cape Town

Luke’s current research focuses on the nature of protection rackets and the illegal economy they operate within. Drawing on an understanding of organised crime syndicate operations and state and institutional responses, Luke plans to contribute to an understanding of how protection rackets may influence the onset of ‘violent entrepreneurship’ within the transforming post-1994 Cape Town landscape. He endeavours to complete his PhD in 2017 and seeks to pursue a professional career within the National Intelligence Agency thereafter.

Mafaro Kasipo

Topic: ‘Enterprise’ crime and public procurement: a case study of the South African construction industry

Mafaro is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Criminology. Her research topic is Organised crime and public procurement: a case study of collusion within the South African construction industry. The thesis makes the argument that the distinction between public sector and private sector, legitimate and illegitimate business in conceptualising organised crime, white collar crime and corruption is superficial. Indeed, organised crime in the African context is complex, fluid and interlinks with high politics and legitimate business. This thesis seeks to answer the research question; to what extent can collusion in a private sector industry be conceptualised as organised crime? Mafaro hopes to spend a semester in Germany next year on exchange


Olwethu Majola

Topic: An Assessment of the Implementation of International Legal Instruments and Responses in the Fight Against Transnational Organized Crime in Africa

Olwethu ‘s educational background includes an LLB from the University of the Free State and an LLM degree in Transnational Criminal Justice from the University of the Western Cape and Humboldt University, Berlin. She is an admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa and has worked as a legal adviser in both the private and public sectors in South Africa. She has assisted national, regional and international organizations with research into matters relating to international law, peace and security and transnational organized crime.