The Panama Papers in Africa: Tax Avoidance, Money Laundering or Illicit Financial Flows?

22 Dec 2016 - 12:00

Early in 2016 the international community was shaken by the news of the biggest data leak in history. Political figures, prominent businesspeople, sportstars and even criminals were the topic of discussion in news outlets across the globe. Following the release of the Panama Papers, many called for the leaders who were implicated to resign from their positions and for business executives to be investigated. There were reports of offshore accounts and companies operating in tax havens and accusations of money laundering, terrorism financing and tax avoidance. What do the Panama Papers mean for Africa?This paper assesses the effects of the Panama Papers on the African continent and evaluates whether the responses by African states are sufficient.


Above the abstract from PhD candidate, Olwethu Majola 's recent article in The Anti-Money Laundering Journal of Africa. To read the article click on the cover below: 

To read the entire journal edition, including a great article by another PhD candidate, Mafaro Kasipo, click below: