Master's by Dissertation Only



In addition to offering a Master's by coursework and mini-dissertation, the Centre also offers a Master's by Dissertation Only. Applicants are expected to follow the same route as applying for a PhD, and email the Centre of Criminology at with the following:

  • CV with transcripts
  • A cover letter motivating your choice of institution and research topic
  • A short 2-3 page proposal, outlining your proposed topic with a brief literature overview and suggested methods
  • A sample of your writing (an article or previous research report)

You are encouraged to have a look at our staff page and identify a possible supervisor at this point. However, do note that availability of supervision is limited as staff have a quota of students they may take on at a time. 


With the above, the Centre will decide if it is willing and able to take you on, after which you'll be encouraged to apply via UCT's online application system. Having an approved topic and supervisor will greatly increase your chances of being accepted. 


If you have any queries, feel free to get in touch