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Centre for Criminology latest news

- Valentina Pancieri

Nigerian women migrating to Europe are increasingly aware that work hidden in the form of menial jobs is actually sex work, even though they cannot imagine the brutality that comes with it. 

- Annette Hübschle

Researchers from UCT's Centre of Criminology made a presentation to Parliament's portfolio committee on environmental affairs on their investigations and findings of the stories of people who have been found guilty of rhino poaching. 

- Centre News

ESO seminar with Andrew Lemieux. See the full invitation here. 

- Mark Shaw & Simon Howell

Authored by Mark Shaw and Simon Howell of the Centre of Criminology, the UNODC recently released its much anticipated 'Governing Safer Cities: Strategies for a Globalised World', a framework to guide urban policy-makers and practitioners. 

- Olwethu Majola

"Early in 2016 the international community was shaken by the news of the biggest data leak in history. Political figures, prominent businesspeople, sportstars and even criminals were the topic of discussion in news outlets across the globe." PhD candidate Olwethu discusses the leak of the Panama Papers and what this means for Africa. 

- Mafaro Kasipo

White-collar crime has been on the rise in South Africa, albeit, the exact scale of the problem is unknown due
to under-reporting. PhD candidate, Mafaro Kasipo, investigates the rocky terrain of governing the lucrative practise in South Africa. 

- Valentina Pancieri

An update on Phd candidate, Valentina Pancieri's internship with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Abuja, Nigeria.

- Anine Kriegler

Phd candidate, Anine Kriegler, reviews Andrew Brown's book: 'Good Cop, Bad Cop: Confessions of a reluctant policeman'.

- Mark Shaw and Luke Lee Skywalker

Prof. Mark Shaw and PhD candidate, Luke Skywalker examine the murky waters of contract killing in South Africa, a field largely unexplored in criminology, in their latest article. 

- Carina Bruwer

PhD candidate, Carina Bruwer, shares her experiences and thoughts on her internship with the UNODC to aid her research in maritime trafficking around East Africa and counter-piracy responses to heroin and ivory trafficking .

- Amanda Cabrejo le Roux

Former Chadian leader Hissene Habre being escorted in to stand trial at the Palais de Justice in Dakar, Senegal in 2015. He was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison in 2016 by judges of the Extraordinary African Chambers for crimes against humanity, rape, sexual slavery.

- Theresa Alfaro-Velcamp & Mark Shaw

South Africa has become no stranger to xenophobia and afrophobia. In their latest article, Theresa and Mark examine the criminalisation of immigrants and foreign nationals.