In order to create the mutually reinforcing link between research and policy, the Centre for Criminology engages in a number of projects with a range of partners, including civil society organisations, local government authorities, state institutions and the international multi-lateral system. 

Projects are selected to apply the Centre’s expertise to making tangible improvements in the security and safety of communities, to identify, disseminate and replicate best practices and to strengthen national, regional and international policy and cooperation.

Projects are led by Centre staff, but almost always include students in order to broaden their experience, networks and management and research skills.  We consider these partnerships and projects an important part of what makes the Centre of Criminology a relevant, dynamic place to work and study.

 Urban Security

State and Non-State Security and Policing

Organised Crime and Illicit Markets

Drugs and Gangs

Measuring Crime and Victimisation

Environmental Security