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Current Students: Masters by Dissertation at the Centre of Criminology, UCT

2015 Masters Students

Matthew Skade, Masters by Dissertaion Candidate

Matthew Skade

Thesis Topic:  

"Captive Riders: Safety and Crime at The City of Cape Town's Central Business District Public Transport Hub"

Matthew's currrent research aims to critique the factors that encourage perceptions of safety at public transport hubs (transport interchanges) with a focus on the commuter. The study will examine the nature of the space as either a deterrent or attractor of criminal activity; the existing social structures at play; and the patterns of crime rooted within the transport hub's context. He brings with him extensive work experience in project, relationship and NGO management, strategic analysis of corporate-social marketing and operations, having worked 10 years in the various sectors. 


Kim Thomas, Masters by Coursework Student

Kim Thomas

Thesis Topic:

"Connecting the Global to the Local? The United Nations Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons and the South African Prevention and Combatting of Trafficking in Persons Act 7 of 2013"  

Kim obtained her LLB from Stellenbosch University and went on to work at Stellenbosch University's Legal Aid Clinic. She is currently working on her MPhil thesis on the topic of human trafficking, assessing South African human trafficking legalisation against the United Nations human trafficking protocol. Through this, she is exploring the tensions between global governance and state capacity. She hopes to finish in 2016 and to work as in researcher or as an attorney with an NGO.


Jodilee Erasmus, Masters by Dissertaion CandidateJodilee Erasmus

Thesis Topic:

Investigating a Community's Perceptions of Police Responses to, and Engagements with Illegal Substances and Users: A Case Study of Delft, Cape Town

Jodilee is  currently writing her masters thesis on Communities’ perceptions of how police address the situation of substance use in Delft. The topic speaks to her research interests in improving relations between the police and the community, amidst the challenges of alcohol and substance abuse, specifically in underprivileged  communities. She hopes to submit in 2016, and to move on to work as a social scientist where she can unpack social issues, and be part of an active solution.