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The Centre of Criminology is a niche research organisation within the Faculty of Law at the University of Cape Town, committed to advancing research and policy analysis on critical issues of public safety, criminal justice and evolving forms of...
Studying at The Centre of Criminology
The Centre of Criminology offers postgraduate students the opportunity of both research and taught degrees. Masters students can register for an MPhil (Masters) in Criminology...
Postgraduate community
Our Postgraduate student body is the heart and soul of the Centre of Criminology. Find out more about their diverse backgrounds, intellectual curiosity and passion for issues of social justice and public law.


The Centre of Criminology is a cutting edge research and policy centre within the Faculty of Law at the University of Cape Town. The centre focuses on critical issues of safety, crime and policing, and their impact on human lives. With analysis reaching from the local to the global levels, the Centre of Criminology is one of the leading citizen safety research institutions in the Global South, stretching the boundaries of criminology in ways that recognise and respond to the changing international, regional, national and local landscape of risk.